Caring Staff

caringstaffJust wait until you meet Ari, Dr. Rousseau’s assistant. If you ever wanted a medical team you could feel safe and comfortable with, one that you know would give you the best of medicine mixed with the compassion of care, then you will feel right at home in our office! Here’s why Dr. Rousseau’s patients love her:

I have been a patient of Dr. Pamela Rousseau since April 2003. On my very first visit Dr. Rousseau found a spot on my upper left arm which she biopsied and which turned out to be a malignant melanoma level 3. I have had two melanoma operations & 6 other procedures in the last 11 years, all thanks to the expert work of my dermatologist, who I always feel has saved my life.

Her professionalism, attention to detail, kindness, and very efficient office staff are to be acknowledged and cherished. I have had the privilege of recommending many people to her over these past 11 years. And each person who has been seen by her all exclaimed how wonderful a doctor she is. Thank you Dr. Pamela Rousseau for being a very important part of my life!! – Lloyd W.


I was one of those teens who grew up using a sun reflector and baby oil, and as a result, I had moles all over my body. Shortly after my initial visits, I became pregnant and Dr. Rousseau suggested I have a photographs of the moles because pregnancy could change them. If we had a photo album we could compare them annually to catch any negative-changing moles in their early transformation. I took her advice, had an album made up and in addition to my full body exam, Dr. Rousseau has taken the time over the past 20 years to compare every mole throughout the album with the mole as it is presently on my body.

Ten years ago I moved from Florida to Northern California and I fly back every year for an exam as there is no one as thorough as Dr. Rousseau and I know that my skin is getting the best possible care. Dr. Rousseau is a credit to her field. Her eye to detail combined with her many decades of medical experience and desire to help the patient, is unsurpassed. –  Joanne P.


Dr. Rousseau is a dedicated dermatologist. She is professional and thorough, examining from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. Her instructions for treatment or prescriptions are always clear and concise. We do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Rousseau. – L & G